Benefit from our experience

Scanmaster has more than 25 years of experience in materials, mixing and dosing equipment. And we make our experience available to you for free…

Choice of material … is not always easy …

We have extensive experience with adhesives, sealants and special lubricants. It can be a jungle to find the right solution among all the possibilities. Often new projects fail due to incorrect material selection from the start.

So let us guide you in finding the right material and the best supplier for your tasks.


Partner for your dosing solution

Only a few companies have the resources or competence to run new projects in this area. Most often, the need is neglected and not prioritized, no matter how important it is. This is where we know you can benefit from our experience.

We therefore offer you the opportunity to help you through all phases of the project. These include feasibility studies, specification of materials, tests, correspondence with relevant suppliers, specification of mixing and dosing equipment and automation solutions.

Does having a partner in this field sound appealing? Best of all, it’s completely free because we credit all of our work when you buy equipment recommended by us.

So the question is: Can you afford not to ask for advice…

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