General industry or industrial production covers a wide range of possible dosing applications. We offer you the right dosing solutions for your production process of machines, technical equipment, consumables and other products.

For more than 20 years we have experience with a wide range of dosing applications in industrial production with the most challenging materials. For example, in automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, renewable energy or battery manufacturing and many other areas.

Adhesive dispensing

Bonding is a proven method for creating connections in various applications. To ensure optimal adhesive dispensing, the use of appropriate dosing technology is essential. Our dosing systems guarantee automated and reliable processes, regardless of viscosity, by dispensing adhesive without air bubbles or pulsations. This allows for high-precision dosing results using both 1-component and 2-component adhesives. By applying precise quantities, we achieve mechanically and visually flawless bonds, while also minimizing material waste and unnecessary costs. We prioritize the use of durable materials for the core components of our dispensers.

Dosing of sealants

Our Scanmaster dosing systems are tailor-made for the specific material they are used to dispense. Achieving high precision and ensuring the material is treated gently is crucial in order to meet the rigorous requirements of different industries and meet specifications. To achieve a flawless seal, the correct dosing technology must be employed and applied accurately. Our products guarantee consistent bead thicknesses with smooth transitions, adjustable dosing speeds with specific sealing bead shapes, precise quantities, and clean thread breakage. This is the essence of what our products represent.

Flux application in general industry

ViscoTec has developed dosing systems for flux applications that are designed to handle high production rates and provide precise dosing. These systems can supply accurately controlled dosing quantities even at very high belt speeds, which are often required in the production of heat exchanger segments. Additionally, a range of stator materials is available, allowing for a wide variety of media to be used and ensuring optimal process stability in terms of chemical and mechanical resistance. Furthermore, Scanmaster not only offers dosing components for the flux application area, but also provides complete solutions that give users access to our company’s extensive process experience.

Soldering paste application in general industry

Due to their very particular material properties, soldering pastes must be processed under strict observance of and adherence to important material and process criteria throughout the entire process route, from material supply to the dosing system. Their extremely high filler content and their filler weight means that soldering pastes have high relative densities, a pronounced sedimentation effect and extremely abrasive behaviour.

In the area of soldering paste preparation and dosing, ViscoTec can provide complete solutions that meet all process requirements for a high-quality soldering paste dosing procedure. Receiver tank systems with the option to recirculate media prevent the sedimentation process from occurring and ensure a high level of media consistency during processing in order to maintain the high quality standards required in automobile production.

Dosing liquid paints

In the plastics processing industry, colouring with liquid paints has established itself as an alternative to colouring materials using masterbatch.

Due to the high concentration of pigment in liquid paints, very small dosing quantities must be administered when employing them and the dosing systems used must ensure a high degree of dosing precision in order to safeguard colour homogeneity in the production process.

Scanmaster dosing systems for dosing liquid paints offer products specially developed for this area, which guarantee precise control of dosing quantities even at the high process pressures that arise in plastics processing. Scanmaster provides users with complete solutions for processing these colour media, for example, in extrusion or in injection molding technology.

PV module production

A high degree of process quality is required in the field of module production in particular. This is because module processing quality has a significant impact on the long-term rating of a photovoltaic system and module production ties in with a high level of completion of upstream processes. Incorrect assembly will lead to considerable material losses. ViscoTec offers solutions both for frame bonding in module production and for potting junction boxes.

For frame bonding using 2-component technology, ViscoTec products ensure that the requisite high delivery quantities are achieved for bonding long edge lengths at fast axis speeds and with a high degree of accuracy. The dispensers – which are also available in a special 2-component version with a mixing head – are designed to be extremely compact and weight-optimised, so that axis systems can be dimensioned for these lower weights.

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