Scanmaster offers a wide range of equipment for dosing/dispensing all liquids and paste-like media, glues, greases etc. for all industries.
Depending on the specific application, the configuration is chosen from among modular and custom-designed solutions to meet your needs. Sometimes there are demanding cases for an uninterrupted and very precise dosing process and other times less demanding low-budget solutions.

We represent some of the best manufacturers on the market, including:

  • – ViscoTec
  • – Preeflow
  • – Meter Mix
  • – Poly Dispensing Systems
  • – Dopag

The solutions are made of modules:

  • – 1-component dispensers
  • – 2-component dosing system
  • – Feed pumps, dosing pumps (gear pumps, piston pumps, cavity pumps, valves, etc.)
  • – Material buckets and processing (cartridge, barrel, container)
  • – Preparation system (agitator to homogenize and prevent sedimentation)
  • – Emptying system, dosing controls
  • – Static & dynamic mixers for solid mixing inside pipes or with external supply of mixing energy
  • – Hoses, filters, various connections
  • – Discharge valves
  • – Dosing valves

The choices are many.

For example, a system may contain drum pumps, material pressure regulators, metering valves, flow control, pumps, metering valves and a measuring computer for electronic overview.

System technology for the handling and dosing of adhesives and other media are chemical factories. A suitable dosing solution requires a high level of knowledge.

We want to be your preferred partner and discuss your needs!

Considerations when defining the needs:

  • – Do you need a solution to work independently or as part of a process?
  • – Do you already have equipment or is it a new application?
  • – What kind of material is to be dispensed? (data sheet needed)
  • – How is the material delivered, cartridge, bucket, etc.?
  • – Dimensional drawings of packaging
  • – Expected flow rate per minute (ml)
  • – Do you need a material supply system? i.e. drum pumps for centralmaterial supply systems as well as supply to individual stations
  • – How important is this part of the production process – think about efficiency and reliability, dosage amounts, time?

Material Shot - Beading - Laminating - Spray - Coating - Filling - Sealing - Potting - Encapsulation

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