Individually configured dispensing and mixing equipment


dopag economix rental machine for encapsulation, coating, gluing and sealing
dopag eldomix potting epoxy machine
mixing system potting machine doseringsmaskine

Scanmaster has sold several hundred solutions from Dopag over the years.

Dopag is a Swiss based manufacturer now owned by German Hilger und Kern.
The metering systems can be used in any industry where materials need to be applied in a high precision and repeatable way.

The machines cover solutions for multi-component media such as polymers and epoxy resins as well as single-component media such as silicone, greases, oils or adhesives.

The product range includes individual and line integratable production cells. One area of focus is the design and production of special systems precisely tailored to the application and to the customer’s requirements.

In relation to dynamic mixing, DOPAG presents a product line for gasketing, bonding and potting with dynamicLine. The new dynamic mixing head processes highly reactive materials efficiently and with high precision. It is complemented by a linear robot which features a compact design.

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