Welcome to Scanmaster

We supply unique dosing solutions for both liquid and pasty media to a wide range of industries, including the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Our motto is “You have the need, we have the solution”

Neither the clients nor the projects are the same. And therefore the solutions are always different. We therefore work closely with our customers throughout the entire process, to create the optimal dosing solution. Only the best is good enough!

Our extensive experience and our broad knowledge means that we can solve practically any dosing task when it comes to liquid and pasty media.

The most important thing for us is to solve our customers’ needs, even the more complicated ones, such as when the density of the material exceeds 4 – or if the dosage amount is as small as 0.006 microliters – or if as much as 60 liters per hour must be mixed. It is precisely this that has made Scanmaster Scandinavia’s most development-oriented supplier of unique dosing solutions.

We only sell dosing equipment from the very best suppliers in the world, including e.g. German ViscoTec, German / Swiss Dopag and English Meter Mix.

They all manufacture advanced and recognized dosing equipment, such as used by the major car manufacturers, smartphone manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

If we feel that something can be optimized – then it will be optimized and made even better. Because only the best is good enough for our customers. And that is precisely why, in the last two years, we have developed two new machines for embedding e.g. electronics. ViScaMix for hand-held manual dosing and ViScaFeed for mechanical robotic dosing.

Both machines have been launched with great success and we are very proud that we are now also a development and production company.

Scanmaster is located in Roskilde in Denmark and consists of a team of dedicated employees. What we all have in common is that we are passionate about what we do. We are quality conscious; we are ambitious and we never compromise.

We have customers throughout Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic countries and we make a great virtue of servicing and advising our customers, both before, during and after delivery of the equipment.

The owner and director of Scanmaster, Henning Pedersen, has around 30 years of experience in the industry. The tasks throughout the ages have been very varied. For example, we have supplied equipment for the manufacture of everything from band-aids to fighter jets and from smartphones to wind turbines – and everything in between…

With the new advanced and future-proof machines from Scanmaster, ViScaMix and ViScaFeed, we are now stronger than ever, also when it comes to finding the right dosing solution for you.

So think of Scanmaster the next time you have to glue, seal or dose liquid or paste-like media.

We have the solution!



SCANMASTER was established as the Danish distributor of DOPAG mixing and dosing equipment.


The status of personally owned company changes to ApS

New address and new name

The company moved location from Helsingør to Birkerød. DOPAG AG buys a share of the company which continues under the name Dopag Scan ApS while the name SCANMASTER still exists.


The company moves to Roskilde

New owner

The company’s CEO takes over the entire company and continues as DOPAG distributor in Denmark and Sweden. The company changes its name back to SCANMASTER ApS


The company expands in turnover and employees

Manufacturing company

Scanmaster launches its first self-made machines. ViScaMix and ViScaFeed

New look

Scanmaster gets a new look in the form of a new website

At Scanmaster you will get

  • – Service, Spare parts and consumables for the sold equipment
  • – Protective packaging
  • – Industrial electronics such as leak detection and drum meters etc.
  • – Contract work (start of production)
  • – Consultancy
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